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Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews is a local real estate agent in Queens, New York. He was born in the country Jamaica and came to the US when he was 7 years old. Jason is a Residential Real Estate Agent and a proud partner at The Goldbar Real Estate Team, eXp Realty. He joined the Goldbar Real Estate Team specifically to be around individuals that operate at a Gold standard as the baseline and constantly motivate him to be a better version of himself.

Jason represents the Residential & Investment sales division on the team. He specializes in Single Family, Multi-family, Mixed-Use, Condo, Co-Op and Luxury Residential sales.

Before joining The Goldbar Team, Jason worked as a property manager for several Investors in Boston, MA. The properties varied in purpose from Airbnb to Renovated properties purchased and rented for 3 years then sold based on the aggressive increase in cap rate from rental income. Working with these investors, he experienced how costly and timely renovation projects were, the politics behind getting approval from the city for C/O and also general property maintenance to avoid violations.

Being a property manager required his ability to work under pressure and to promptly find solutions pertaining to any legal or financial disputes. This experience gave Jason a lot of insight and motivation into pursuing Real Estate full-time witnessing how profitable the Real Estate market is with the right knowledge and execution.

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