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Jania Arrieta

As a salesperson & the Client Relations Manager for the Goldbar Team, Jania’s long term goal is to help as many people as possible and make an impact on them on a larger scale. She understands the importance of each side of the transaction; therefore her top priority on a day to day basis is maintaining great relationships with our clients and colleagues.

In her previous roles, Jania served as the youngest Sales & Finance Manager in her company as well as a Sales Executive for the largest Real Estate database company. She is also the daughter of a Real Estate investor who helped spark her interest in the field. In her everyday life Jania leads with love and value which are her two core values. When she isn’t helping our clients, Jania is consistently educating herself and evolving her entrepreneur traits.

Her work ethic and innate ability to help others landed her on the Goldbar team powered by the innovative cloud brokerage. Jania is honored to work with like-minded individuals who all share the same end goal and practice the same values every day.

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