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Ecaterina (Katerina) Morosan

Ecaterina Morosan is a Residential Real Estate Agent and a proud partner at The Goldbar Real Estate Team, eXp Realty. She and her teammates believe that a good relationship is always above any transaction. She represents both sides of a sale process: sellers and buyers. In addition, she works with multiple landlords throughout Brooklyn helping them to find tenants for their investment properties. Besides existing properties, she works with developers on their under-construction projects in order to bring the properties to market on time.

Before joining The Goldbar Team, Ecaterina worked as a rental agent with Ideal Properties Group. The company is mostly oriented on leasing. Working with tenants and landlords on a daily basis taught her how to negotiate contract terms and pricing. This required her ability to work under pressure and to promptly find solutions.

Ecaterina was honored to work as a Real Estate Market Analyst at Nancy Packes Signature Marketing Services. Working directly with the CEO of the company, Nancy Packes, Ecaterina was able to learn all the essential skills of a good market analyst. This includes understanding historical data and pipeline, predicting outcomes of the current market, pricing properties, and communicating with NYC authorities. She worked with the most renowned developers on their new projects as well as wrote studies and ran research for real estate conferences and magazines.

Ecaterina is a student at Baruch College majoring in Real Estate Development. Classes required for this major cover all aspects of real estate industry: law, finance and investment, construction, capital, and management. Not only did Ecaterina dedicate her career and education to real estate, she also likes to be surrounded by professionals that help her clients go through any transaction as fast and painless as possible.

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