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Andy Moncada

Andy Moncada is a first-generation American whose parents both came to and met each other in the US after leaving their home countries at 18 years old. His parents had to work very hard to give Andy the life he had growing up and the way they raised him taught him a lot of the core values he carries today.

One of those values is centered around the idea of helping those in daily life around us. There are very few feelings better than genuinely having a positive impact on someone’s life. Andy cherishes the moments he can accomplish that, and he especially loves the feeling of helping others accomplish their real estate goals which is something Andy is grateful to be able to do every day.

Andy’s career in real estate started shortly after he read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. He developed an interest in investing in real estate and offered to work for free for a real estate wholesaler so that he could learn the ropes.
After getting his foundation in real estate investing Andy met Juan through a real estate investing forum known as Bigger Pockets,he then got his license to sell real estate and joined the Goldbar team which has proven to be the best decision he has ever made in his career.

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